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Lesson 1: How to Study the Bible
Bible Basics is designed to introduce readers to the teachings of the Christian Bible.
Too Often the Bible is used as a weapon - to tear down another's beliefs, to vindicate our own ideas. Rarely is it viewed as a guide to everyday living. Rarely is it seen as a standard by which "I" can measure the quality of my own life. And rarely studied as God's "instruction manual" for our lives.

Lesson 2: Can You Trust The Bible?
There are literally billions of copies of "The Bible" scattered around the world. It's said to be the world's most read book. You'll find it in almost every top drawer in any hotel. It ranks year by year as the top-selling title. Millions pick it up every day - for guidance in life, for intense study, for comfort. But what is it?

Lesson 3: Jesus the Messiah
The person, words, character of Jesus, founder of the Christian faith, is increasingly under seige. Enemies of Jesus, atheists, agnostics - even theologians - have sought to undermine his work. In this lesson we examine the evidence for his life, death and for that strangest of claims made by the Scriptures - that Jesus of Nazareth was raised from the dead.

Lesson 4: What is Man?
Sometime back in eternity the Creator God conceived a plan by which He would share the magnificance of His unending existence. Because He was "outside time" He was able to look down the ages and see the course He must pursue to achieve this end.
The result was mankind.

Lesson 5: God's Grand Design
Since man was expelled from Eden he has longed for the return of a utopia - the Golden Age when he was at peace with the world and with his Creator. It has been a vain dream.

Lesson 6: When God Reigns
This world is not a happy place! We're distressed by the awesome natural calamities that beset our planet, grieving over the agonies of earthquakes, famines, floods, droughts. We sorrow over the terrible results of maiming accidents, disease, bereavement. Personal tragedy strikes us all sooner or later. And we wonder - will there be an end? Is there hope? Is there really - as goes the song - "a new world coming in the morning"?

Lesson 7: Worship the Lord
All religions have their forms of worship. Go to an assembly of those who worship Allah, or any of the gods of the Hindu pantheon. Or the myriad worship forms within the Christian religion. Each is distinctive. Indeed the form of worship is almost a "badge" which sets each apart from one another.

Lesson 8: Christian Worship
In Lesson 7 we noted the varieties of worship that abound, and concluded that God was particularly jealous about how and when He - the one and only true God - wanted to be worshipped Now we turn specifically to the religion of Jesus Christ. How did he change the worship of God? Did he have different views to that revealed in the Torah - the writings of the Old Testament?

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