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Our Bible Correspondence Course is provided to you free of charge.
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You might be surprised to learn that many Christians around the world have no idea what the bible really says about concepts as fundamental as life and death, heaven or hell and grace with or without works. One thing is certain without a solid and in-depth knowledge of the bible our faith can be subject to every wind of doctrine and the commandments of men just as Jesus himself warned against in Mark 7:7.

This Bible Correspondence Course has been designed to lead you in a comprehensive study of your own Bible. Whether you are old or young, a bible scholar or a biblical novice request our Free Bible Correspondence course and join us on a journey of Discovery and Truth.

The course is 32 lessons in length. Each lesson will be sent at your own pace of study by simply requesting your next lesson when you are ready. A certificate of completion will be given after the completion of all 32 lessons.

Some of the topics covered are:
  The Dramatic Return of Jesus Christ
- When and where will Christ return? (Lesson #3)
  Just What IS Man? - Is man an immortal soul in a material body? (Lesson #5)
  Will You Go To Heaven? (Lesson #7)
  Angels - Your Bible reveals that angels inhabited the earth long before Adam and Eve. (Lesson #14)
  What Is the TRUE Gospel? - Jesus Christ came to earth almost 2,000 years ago to announce a message
      from God. He was killed for bringing it! What was that message? (Lesson #18)

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CGOM is an association of like-faith and like-minded churches working together to spread the Gospel around the world.
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